Five Technologies That Could Change Digital Marketing Forever

Experienced marketing professional knows it very well that marketing has long been one of the cornerstones of business. While some marketing technologies are even working in this digital age, some marketing technologies have taken a backseat.

However, digital marketing agency Toronto feels that technological advancement have helped in marketing endeavors. Some technologies have indeed synched well with marketing efforts and have helped businesses to achieve great results. In this respect, most marketers feel that investing entire sum of money on any new social network that comes out in the market is not a wise decision. This is because after certain point of time the social networking app can become non-functioning.

However, this does not mean that technological advancements are totally useless. Sometimes technologies can serve the good for society and even some industries. Now, take a look into some top technologies which are going to change the landscape of digital marketing forever. The top five technologies are mentioned below:

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Amazon Alexa and Google Home

As you might know voice search is becoming very popular. Within voice search, Amazon Alexa and Google Home are voice assistants. Many people are using voice search for news briefing functions. However, it is expected that the use of these applications would expand over time.

With more advancements taking place, digital marketers of any digital marketing agency Toronto would need to keep a close watch on voice user interface and also on how search engines are going to work. With many Alexa enabled devices present, Amazon search engine will be crucial for providing top results.

Alphabet’s Waymo

With the success of Google’s self-driving car project, people would be looking forward to devices that would easily drive them to their destination. Thus, leading digital agency feels that this kind of project will give a boost to digital ads.

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Microsoft’s HoloLens and Oculus Rift

HoloLens is the first self, holographic computer that allows designers to view how different set fits into spaces at different stages. However, for the marketing world, digital marketing agency Toronto can use this tool to let customers choose appliances and paint color with an app. In other words, it can be used to get engaged with holograms and digital content.

Oculus Rift is a virtual reality headset that can immerse people in the virtual world. With the power of virtual reality one can get to experience anything at any point of time. Digital marketers know it very well that this kind of technology can be very helpful for advertisers as it can increase usership.

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Facebook Messenger and Chatbots

Digital marketing agency Toronto are witnessing that many businesses are making use of robotic helpers for advertising. These opportunities can take the form of Facebook Messenger and Chatbots. Bots are smarter and can easily answer complex questions of customers via messenger.

Deep Machine Learning

 It can be applied to studies and documents in order to get knowledge graphs and charts that deals with data points. It can be used by digital marketing agency Toronto for finding about new solutions for businesses.

 Evolving technologies can be great for a business. Keeping up with latest trends can help a business in the long run to meet their goals.