Why should I purchase a Frame Your Mirror frame for my existing mirror, as opposed to purchasing a new mirror that is framed?

Our mirror frames can be custom fit to any size mirror, are economical and easy to install. Our frames are designed especially for existing mirrors that are already attached to the wall. Our process is less expensive and less cumbersome than removing your existing mirror from the wall – especially if it is glued on. Our frames attach directly to the existing mirror, so there is no need to remove the mirror you already have!

What if my existing mirror has clips holding it in place? How will the frame fit over these clips?

I many cases the clips are replaceable (and we will provide replacement clips), or the frame will sit over the clips. If you have any concerns, do not hesitate to call us at 1-888-983-7263. Outside of our regular business hours, send us an e-mail with your phone number and we will call you back the next business day.

How does the frame attach to the mirror?

he frame is affixed to the face of the mirror utilizing industrial adhesive and once attached, it is permenant. We also offer a semi-permenant framing solution. Please call us for more information.

I have no clearance around my mirror and it sits on a backsplash. Can I still install a Frame Your Mirror frame?

Yes, our frames are designed to sit on plate glass mirrors that have no clearance around them.

Will I see the edge of the mirror under the frame?

No. Where clearance allows, we will extend the frame on the side in question by up to half an inch, thereby concealing the mirror edge.

Can I purchase a frame that is wider than 108 inches?

Yes, however there will be a seam in the middle of the frame if the width of your mirror is greater than 108 inches. If you are uncomfortable with a seam, call us to discuss appealing alternatives.

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